PT. Matahari Alka has, through hard work and dedication of its staff, grown from its modest beginnings inth 1974 into an impressive 35,000 m2 factory set on a 62,000 m2 plot in Newton Techno Park, Lippo Cikarang. The move to this new premise sets the tone for a complete restructuring within an organization which now boasts the integration of two separate and diverse production lines – sheet metal and wood – under a single roof.

The entire Matahari Alka family takes great pride in the technologically-advanced sheet metal and wood-working machinery which the factory is equipped as well as in the materials we work with – an extensive range of highest-quality powdered and liquid paints, metals, and wood.

Diverse production lines enable us to cater to both the consumer as well as the industrial markets. The concept of filling the role of “Total Office” supplier has resulted in the development of a range of products including an
extensive range of steel cabinets.


Established in 1974, PT. Matahari Alka is a major player when it comes to the fabrication of sheet metals and wooden panel, it has continuously making improvements to make top quality products. With ISO 9001:2015 implemented in the production process, our partners will be assured of good quality products and service being delivered to them. Stood on a 62,000 square meters of land in Lippo Cikarang, our factory is one of our strongholds in producing top-of-the-line products.