Malka specializes in precision metal and composite fabrication for a wide variety of applications including airports, malls, hotels, private and corporate offices, government installations, and infrastructure networks.

Over time, we have acquired or developed the equipment, processes and experienced personnel needed to deliver exceptional products efficiently and cost effectively.



Our one stop service starts with Product Design Consultation, whereby our Design & Engineering team reviews the initial
product design with clients.

Drawing on their combined experience, our team can offer recommendations on how to improve products from different aspects such as aesthetics, materials, finishing, safety and cost efficiencies.

We will then create a product prototype to serve as the physical model, and adjust the details in discussion with the client until
the clients goals are achieved.



All fabrication procedures take place under the guidance of skilled technicians, supported by advanced machinery from Germany, Italy and Japan including lasers, CNC punching and bending machines, and robotics.
– Shearing
– Punching
– Laser (Manual / CNC)
– Bending
– Welding
– Painting
– Assembling / Packaging



At Malka we offer high quality custom finishing,
primarily using a powder coating process.

We can handle all the main types of powder coating
including polyester powders, epoxy powders, and
epoxy polyesters in a wide range of colors, gloss
levels, and finishes.


& Delivery

All products and components are inspected at each
stage of the manufacturing processes and tested for
accuracy, before final approval and delivery to clients.